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magdame [userpic]

c'est fini cubicle

June 28th, 2007 (05:05 pm)
current location: my windowless cubicle
current song: the hum of the air conditioner

It is official, (in one day at least) my love affair with my cubicle has come to a close; Public Allies will officially end tomorrow evening.

What an experience.... how can one even begin to describe twenty some people intellectually and emotionally grappling with and challenging one another on social issues, while simultaneously attempting to understand the nonprofit beast. Exhausting, to say the least!

Upon reflecting, I see so much personal and professional growth from this experience, self-development that couldn't have happened through school or other "formative" institutions.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything I have learned. And now, I am headed into the horizon.

magdame [userpic]


June 16th, 2007 (10:27 am)

So, I had an old friend from High School contact me on facebook, a normal occurrence, right? The oddity being her older sister and my brother dated back in the day, and I don't think she knows about my brother. So, I responded to her email with something like, "Oh hey, how's it going....by the way, did you know that Eric died." It's the worst feeling in the world! It's another reminder that unlike most peoples my age, I can't just catch up with old friends, especially those who knew him. Instead, I have to be the barer of horrific news- and the idea of 'catching up on my life' is a joke seeing I've spent the last year and a half reeling from this.

magdame [userpic]

New Orleans- I left my spirit and a whole lot of other stuff in the delta

May 17th, 2007 (09:05 am)

New Orleans is a mess! There is no ifs, ands or butting around why the city is in the predicament it is. Why are all the poor black people displaced, their houses still baring the remnants of natural destruction, left virtually untouched just like the day the levees broke???
-Good news folks, Tourism is up and running- at the cost of all those people who can't come home to their histories, ancestries and memories.

The sickening thing about it, is the amnesia of the american consciousness, wiping a strategic catastrophe of this magnitude from their minds.... Even worse, is that we can act shocked that disenfranchisement at this severity is being done to 'american people' and/or 'our people'. Is this a joke!?!? How can you account for 400+ years of slavery, neo-colonial plantation mentality... impeding imperialism, and be taken aback???
Get real! To all you folks interested in doing some grassroots activism, step the fuck up! Don't just sit around theoretically debating in your own minds the impact of white-supremacy, gender, socioeconomic, heterosexual oppressions, hit the streets!

magdame [userpic]

when is it time to stand up!?!?!?

May 1st, 2007 (09:06 am)

we constantly committ tiny fractured, violent acts towards one another on a daily basis, through our language and lack of respect for one another.
when is it time to stand up to this, to testify, even when you are standing alone! (which is most often the case than not)

magdame [userpic]

Updates on the mega-madness I resolve to calling my life...

April 11th, 2007 (03:22 pm)

I got the AOP Fellowship!!!! WOOT WOOT
Which means, I can focus my attentions solely on completing my Masters degree in the Fall. I won't have to work full-time in a cubicle, and I won't have to worry about health insurance or TAKING OUT ENORMOUS LOANS. For as much as I bitch about the importance of transforming the academic space, I surely miss being in it. As an AOP recipient, I will be able to take my transgressions back to that location I adore/detest so much!

In the mean time, I'm working as a busy bee trying to finish up the semester while beginning to wind down my Public Ally experience (that's so weird to say). I'm also in the process of attempting to find a summer job. I have an interview on Saturday with an organization that spends the summer working on art projects with "inner-city" kids (WTF does that mean) at public parks. Please please please keep your fingers crossed for me, as I think this would be the coolest way to spend July and early August.
Also, if any of you hear of nifty summer internships give me a holla!

like the rest of the world, i'm waiting on spring (summer preferably)

magdame [userpic]

my crew is coming back.... for a short hiatus!

March 5th, 2007 (02:40 pm)

i am super excited to see my friends! I didn't realize how deep of an impact their absence would have on my life.
looking forward to:
-convincing Amy into wearing the green felt suit I am sewing for her!
-shannon lil' hair
-doing a little steamroller
-dancing like maniacs
-lonna the farting dog
-and for the hell of it, chet for a little while!

magdame [userpic]

Education should be FREE!

February 27th, 2007 (01:03 pm)
current location: inside the cubicle
current song: NONE! My work speakers dont work

Seven or so years ago, I started my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. I received this letter and receipt in the mail yesterday from UWP stating, one of my student loans for $2400.00 was paid in FULL! Now, no one in my family has this kind of disposable income to throw down on a school loan, it must have been a mistake! Hmmm. now I am just struggling as whether or not to clarify that mistake! I wish they'd make mistakes on all of my undergraduate loans!


magdame [userpic]

opportunities arise when you are least expecting!

February 5th, 2007 (02:41 pm)

So I found this super rad summer teaching internship outside of Boston, and decided to apply. I thought it would be great experience to get some teaching under my wings, as well as some much needed space and distance! Then, an opportunity arises at my placement to create a summer writing course for Milwaukee teens through MPS. Meaning, I would be responsible for designing the course, selecting the texts, writing the grant for monies, most importantly working with Milwaukee's teens. How amazing is that! Hmmm.... at this point I have decided to apply for both! It's always good to know how to write grants!!! I will keep you updated on the results!

magdame [userpic]

ah yah yah... break is almost over

January 16th, 2007 (08:29 am)
current location: cubicle
current song: N/A

I can't believe how fast time passes! My lustrous break is almost over, and I didn't do a damn thing with felt! I tried reading some books, watched a ton of movies including, Spike Lee's When the Levee's Broke in all of its 4-6 hour glory, started exercising, went on a 3-day silent retreat in Door County, and got sick.
In the midst of all that colossal chaos, i am slowly finding my way... (at least I think so some-days)

magdame [userpic]

f@#* all this serious shit!

December 13th, 2006 (02:43 pm)

I WORK IN A CUBICLE!!! I have a week (less than) to complete my first graduate skool papers, uggh! I can't wait for a break, for once in my life. I just need some time to do the following;

laugh so hard i drool on myself while watching strangers with candy and skits by dave chappelle.
make some raucus rock-n-roll music via the drums...and many many more instruments
create mysterious shapes out of felt and call it crafting with myself
wrestle with my five cats

move to:
Brooklyn, NY; New Orleans, LA; the south of france; prague...
i just want to get the fuck out of milwaukee

take cool pictures that i don't really know how to
create abstract three second films

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